Jesus, grace, truth and the rest of the story

At Emmanuel we value the grace and truth that is found in Christ and through His Word, the Bible. We try to value what He values. We understand that we are all a work in progress. We have a saying that we have adopted, welcome to the church of broken people, from the pulpit to the pew… being made whole in Jesus. Practically speaking this looks like the following.

  • We value JESUS. He is EVERYTHING. We believe that He is God in the flesh. That He is our savior, master, our guru, our teacher and we attempt to bring His teaching to life by living it out. We believe that we can KNOW Him in a personal way, just as He was known over 2000 years ago because He is alive and hears our prayers and speaks to us through His Spirit and His Word.
  • We value GRACE. Everyone has a story, and that story hasn’t been completed yet. We understand that everyone is at a different place on their journey of faith and we seek to be merciful and graceful with one another and with those with whom we disagree. Our goal is to reach our community and the world with the glorious grace of the gospel and to live it out with each other.
  • We value TRUTH. The Bible is the only authority in faith and the practice of that faith. The Bible is an uncomfortable book, it forces us to see ourselves and all of our flaws, it offers us salvation from our sin and the penalty of it through Jesus. It shows us how to live a life that pleases the Lord.
  • We value RELATIONSHIPS. This means that conflict and confrontation aren’t dirty words. We understand that true growth sometimes comes through discomfort. We seek to build relationships with each other, with the Lord and we try to help marriages and families through sermon series, teaching and other events.
  • We value KIDS. Yup. babies to teens. They are awesome and JESUS loves them and so do we. Even when they are loud and messy.
  • We value our COMMUNITY. We want to be a blessing materially as well as spiritually by providing a safe place for people to come worship, a building that various groups use during the year, an amazing food pantry, toys for tots event among others, and by getting out in to our towns and cities to help where we can.


Bless God, Bless Others, Be the Blessing is our motto and a summary of our strategy built on three simple goals.

  • Bless God. We want to bring glory to God and make Him smile. The Bible teaches us that we need to love Him first most and best, that we need to live our lives to His glory. At Emmanuel this is the fist objective. Will this bless God. From our worship to our generosity to our service we seek to bless God.
  • Bless Others. Jesus lived to bless others, and particularly the church. Paul teaches in Galatians that we are to look for opportunities to bless especially those who are part of the household of faith. This includes our ministries within the body, such as small groups, fellowships and training events.
  • Be the Blessing. This is where we take all that we are learning and live it out in the world. From missions, to helping out in our community with projects or having a positive gospel presence at Christmas events, Old Home Days, we seek to be the hands, feet, heart and mind of Christ.


Emmanuel Baptist Church was founded in 1978 by Pastor Walt Zimmerman in Manchester NH. Pastor Z as he is still referred to today, many years now after his passing, was a member of “The Greatest Generation”. He was a WWII hero, a missionary to the Nursing Homes of New England, providing hope and comfort to many in their twilight years. He finally settled down and planted Emmanuel, where he would serve as her lead pastor until 1994. The vision that Pastor Z had for Emmanuel still continues today. We are a place of grace. A church where the abundant grace and abundant truth of God mix together to form something unique in our society. A welcoming and loving, understanding church, with strong convictions on the what the Bible says, and strong convictions that the amazing grace of Jesus is powerful enough to cover our sins and make us righteous before God. Pastor Z would routinely say that we were a “church of the do! Not a church of the don’t!” that he never wanted our community to think of us in a negative way, as a church of great restrictions and as an oppressive ministry. So it is today. A place of grace, a place of truth.

Following the ministry of Pastor Zimmerman, his long-time associate Pastor Ron Clow took leadership. Pastor Clow ministered at Emmanuel from late 1994 to 2009. The stress of his ministry was the authority of the Bible as the very Word of God. He stressed following the Lord unreservedly and without compromise. His was an exacting ministry with a stress of on faithfulness and excellence.

Our current pastor, Eric Davis, having come to faith under the ministry of Pastor Z, embraces the values of abundant truth and abundant grace existing in tension. Our theme verse under Pastor Davis is found in 1 John 4:17. He defines our vision today from this verse… “To raise up a generation of believers that are ‘as he is, in this world‘”. Under Pastor Davis we have adopted the motto “Bless God, Bless Others, Be the Blessing” because being like Jesus means blessing and glorifying the Father and loving the people of the world. It means that we become the hands, feet, heart and mind of Jesus in our culture. Pastor Davis has been our lead pastor since 2009.