From time to time, life becomes complicated, or we find ourselves in need of counsel to deal with things that we may feel are weighing us down. We may find ourselves struggling in our relationships. We may find ourselves struggling with stubborn habits or even addictions. For this reason, Emmanuel has begun a Counseling Ministry to care for your soul. Our Counseling ministry is directly connected to our pastoral ministry and is an arm of our Lead Pastor. We have two trained Biblical Counselors and our Lead Pastor who routinely provide Biblical Counseling to those in need.  Please be aware, we are not phycologists, we are not professional secular counselors. Rather we seek to provide a Biblical course of action and understanding with those who seek our counsel. If we find that the situation demands more time or professional or even medical expertise we will seek to refer you out.
If you would like to join us for counseling, please fill out the form below and also take the time to print out and fill out our Counseling Intake Information. (Click link to open document)

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